AITO Studios x Alpha Industries



We sat down with Eetu Räisänen ( founder of AITO Studios ) to talk about his idea behind the Jackets he created. 

"I've always loved Alpha Industries Jackets. The fits and looks on these jackets are perfect for me." - he said. 

And continues " I started customizing jackets a few years ago. The artistic vibe about painting and adding things on outwear just gives me the chills. It also gives the jackets a really cool look and the fact that no one has the same jacket is inspiring." 

Because all the Jackets he did are one-of-a-kind.

"The printed images on these pieces are made in collaboration with my main illustrator Julian Schröpel aka @simbayu. The frayed pictures give a grungy vibe to these jackets. I love the punky clothing style."

Eetu also reworked some other parts of the Jacket - "Also the uneven stitching on one piece serves the same punky style. On the greenish bomber there are two reversible zippers that are on an orange color fabric. That fabric works so well with the orange lining. Also giving good contrast for the green color."

What was the main inspiration for you to create these beautful Jackets ?

"So in the end my inspiration to make these custom jackets was to give a punky vibe for these legendary jackets. Spice things up my way. And I think it worked really good. I love it when a ready jacket gets the extra touch to take it to the next level and look even more crazier."

You are so right !

"Handmade customization also makes it an piece of unique art !

Alpha Industries jackets are so well recognized and classic, its an honor to be able to make these customs and get recognition for my sense of style."

Thank you Eetu.

Check out Eetu's Website and make sure to follow him on Instagram too  

Shoutout to Finland !