Ever heard about a Blood Chit?

During World War II, the military personnel carried survival kits with them, which might include gold coins, maps and most important: a Blood Chit.

The pilots of the US flight crews had their Blood Chit directly sewed in their flight jackets and flight suits.



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Never heard of that?

In case, a pilot was shot down, any civilians could find the American flag and a message in several languages, called Blood Chit to identify the force to which he belongs and that the U.S. will reward anyone assisting the pilot getting home safely.


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Even though you’re probably not a pilot of the US-Army, we printed the Blood Chit on the back of our new products to make sure you will always get home safely after a long night out.

The Blood Chit is now printed on the back of our following products:

Blood Chit T, Blood Chit Print T and on the MA-1 VF LW USAF, a brand new version of the classic U.S. Air Force flight Jacket. 
This reversible style comes in sage-green and black, both with our iconic orange lining and in air blue with a fresh silver lining, all containing the Blood Chit on the back.