Our good friend from Poland, Mr. Zulu Kuki, customized our beloved MA-1 VF 59 Jacket.

We asked him what inspiration he had to create this one of a kind jacket :

"The first important decision was to select the right color for the Jacket. I didn't want to use Sage Green, due to the fact that this is the most well known color. I wanted to have something that suited me better, and that is, of course : black.

With an appropriate basis, I could start and look for inspiration, which is most of the time, what I'm interested in.

The main inspiration for this project was the aesthetic of juvenile gangs in New York back in the 70s, and also the pioneers of Hip Hop.

Therefore I dressed the Alpha Industries logo in an old-school atmosphere straight from the streets. B-boy's, Hip-Hop parties with DJs the like of Grandmaster Flash behind the decks.

A huge inspiration was the cult movie "Wild Style" from 1983."

Thank you so much Zulu Kuki for telling us your story and keep on customizing!

The Jacket you created is amazing and such an honor for us!








Website : http://www.zulukuki.com/

IG : https://www.instagram.com/zulukuki/