Playboy x Alpha MA-1 Natus

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    Alpha Industries Fliegerjacke | Playboy x Alpha MA-1 Natus
    Artikelnummer 188823
    Alpha Industries and Playboy have teamed up on an exclusive capsule jacket collection. The Playboy x Alpha Industries collection features the iconic Playboy bunny logo on two Alpha silhouettes. Capitalizing on the success of previous jackets such as the Playboy Vandy MA-1 and L-2B. This collection adds elements such as removable patches, hoods, and the iconic Blood Chit into its designs. The capsule launches ahead of the 65th anniversary of Playboy Magazine.


    • Obermaterial: Flight Nylon
    • Passform: Regular Fit
    • Oranges Innenfutter
    • Wendejacke
    • Pencil Pocket


    • Oberstoff: 100% Nylon | Futter: 100% Nylon | Wattierung: 100% Polyester

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